Steve Manning – Vestigo Managing Director

Steve is a former Detective Constable of Cheshire Constabulary beginning his Police service in 2001 being posted to Macclesfield division. Steve went on to spend most of his Police career working in investigative roles within the covert arena.

In 2010 Steve underwent training in Covert Internet Investigations, a course that began his path into the world of digital policing. He spent several years working on covert online ops, during which time he conducted some pioneering work on social media sites. As a result, he received a Judges commendation for his lead role in a CSEA grooming investigation.

Steve identified the importance of online investigation in mainstream policing when he realised that most of his in force taskings were for general open source intelligence activities opposed to full covert deployments. He went on to write his first OSINT course for investigators which was rolled out to his colleagues in Cheshire Police. This was well received, but there was still the obstacle of no internet access for investigators preventing them from utilising their training.

Not letting the lack of computers and IT infrastructure get the better of him, the seeds of an idea that was to become Long Arm® were born.

In an effort to solve this problem Steve teamed up with his partners at Internet Investigation Solutions to bring the Long Arm® platform to Policing. In a relatively short space of time Long Arm® has achieved a large footprint across UK Policing & Law Enforcement agencies.

With the success of the Long Arm® platform a parallel demand for training and consultancy services arose.  As a result of this new demand, Vestigo Consulting was born under the umbrella of the newly formed Investigo group that incorporates Internet Investigation Solutions, Long Arm® & OSAPP®.

Steve currently sits as the MD of Vestigo Consulting Ltd.

Jon Blake – Operations Director

Jon has over 28 years’ detective experience as an investigator and covert intelligence specialist with the Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard, London. He specialises in Internet and cybercrime investigation, covert operations and risk. He retired from the police service in 2014 with an exemplary service record.

Jon has a unique blend of experience, having served in varied operational policing, development and training roles and he has been the driving force behind several ground-breaking national training and CPD programmes, many of which have been adopted internationally.

His last police posting was at the UK College of Policing as the National Coordinator for Intelligence Skills, with responsibility for Open Source and Internet Investigation and related Intelligence Management/Operative skills development.

Jon sat on a number of Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) working groups as a subject matter expert in the areas of Internet related crime and covert operations and acted as an advisor to those setting national investigative policy and procedures.

A highly sought-after speaker and university lecturer, Jon has delivered training and consultation services in over 30 countries, including on behalf of the United Nations in the Middle East and Africa and supporting UK interests in the Caribbean and central Asia and north Africa.

Jon is the Operations Director at Vestigo Consulting Ltd.

Tony Bennett – Consultant 

Tony Bennett retired from the British Transport Police (BTP) in 2015. He has over 26 years’ experience as an Investigator and Intelligence Gathering Specialist within the police service. Tony is a subject matter expert in Intelligence Gathering, Digital Forensics, Online Internet Intelligence and Evidence Gathering (OSINT) Techniques, the Internet and Cyber-Crime related matters.

Tony has been involved in cyber-related criminal investigations and training for several years. Before his retirement, Tony was a Detective and Intelligence Gathering Specialist, the BTP national trainer for Intelligence Gathering and Cyber-Crime Techniques and over six years, the supervisor of the BTP National High-Tech Crime Unit in London.

Following retirement, Tony has continued teaching Online Intelligence and Evidence Gathering (OSINT) Techniques along with other Cyber-Crime related training.  Tony was an Associate Tutor for the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) delivering the Open Source Internet Investigation module for their Cybercrime Investigation MSc/PGDip/PGCert programme.

Tony has conducted public speaking and training around the world, including Australia, Europe, The Middle East and Eastern Europe for various private companies, law enforcement organisations and Local Authorities.

Tony is still an active investigator conducting online investigations and Due Diligence enquiries for Gaming Authorities, Local Councils, Insurance Companies and Private Investigators.

Before his police career, Tony served in the Royal Navy as a Radio Operator where he served around the world including the coast around the Gulf, Middle East, Caribbean, USA and United Kingdom.

Ray Massie – Consultant

Ray has been a professional investigator since 1990, with solid operational experience in the commercial sector, law enforcement and the military police. A former detective his last post was with the Metropolitan Police Central e Crime Unit in London.

He has an exemplary career in serious and complex criminal investigations, with a proven track record. His extensive experience across a wide spectrum of criminal investigation, has seen him take many cases through the British criminal justice system. This includes high profile serious, complex and cyber cases.

Since working in the private sector he has built up and works with with a network of trusted ‘like minded’ professionals, drawn from government agencies, the military, information security and computer forensics.

Combining his years an investigator with his technical skills he has been involved as a subject matter expert in cyber-crime investigation and training in many countries over the last 7 years. He conducts computer network and digital forensic investigations, open source internet investigations and specialises in ‘live’ forensics, specifically on site and forensic collections of data for clients.

Dylan Kennedy – Consultant

Dylan has over two decades of expertise in the United Kingdom’s leading international Law Enforcement Agencies, Global Correspondent Banking Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Investigations, and Global Express Courier Logistics private industry sectors. He is an accredited intelligence analyst, PIP II level accredited investigator, and advanced OSINT collector (including basic Wi-Fi exploitation). Dylan is also a trained surveillance operative and has first-hand practical experience of Disclosure under the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 (CPIA).

Dylan has extensive practical experience in covert intelligence and communications data collection and analysing digital forensic products. He is proficient in maximising actionable intelligence to create impactive evidential products and achieving positive prosecution outcomes at Crown Court. He has also contributed to the UK National Strategic Threat Assessment of Serious and Organised Crime on various topics, such as Firearms trafficking.

Dylan has delivered Digital Investigation Techniques and OSINT training to Law Enforcement officers, as well as the private industry, where he specialised in Trade Compliance in Customs Regulatory Affairs, Risk Profiling and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) investigations. He has given talks on advanced OSINT collection techniques to international law enforcement and intelligence community audiences in both English and German and has also presented on OSINT collection as a guest lecturer at the School of Computer Science at University of Birmingham, UK.