This is hands on, practical and immersive course designed to increase the effectiveness of those who use the internet to conduct covert investigations such as test purchase, online surveillance and other covert online investigations.

Learning Objectives

Discuss the technological issues relating to covert online investigations
Demonstrate defensible dynamic decision making and risk management
Demonstrate evidence capture methodologies which can withstand scrutiny
Discuss legal issues and procedural best practice impacting on covert online investigations
Demonstrate the development and maintenance of online false personas and supporting background information
Demonstrate effective covert online test purchase, surveillance and intelligence gathering tradecraft including social engineering techniques
Demonstrate the techniques for operating covertly on the dark web and associated networks effectively
Demonstrate the deployment of cryptocurrencies and related technologies
Discuss the psychology of operating covertly online
Identify and manage potential operational compromise
Prepare evidential material for court or tribunal presentation


5 Days

Target Audience

Investiators from private and public sector, government organisations and law enforcement. No technical knowledge is required; however, it is desirable but not essential that those attending have some knowledge or experience of internet investigation and be computer literate.


£1699 +VAT

Lunch is provided during the course


Our OSINT Essentials course is accredited under the CPD Certification Service.  CPD is the holistic commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers.


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