Workshop Overview 

It would be remiss for any investigator or intelligence officer to ignore Social Media. Popular social media platforms can be an intelligence/evidence rich environment, that can provide key links to real world incidents, help identify witnesses or suspects and even prove association between persons. There should be social media element to most investigations or live incidents.

This one day workshop is focussed 100% on social media and how to leverage information in the best possible way. We will cover Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, VK, TikToK and more.

The course will look at how social media is used in commerce and industry and how these tactics can be used in intelligence & investigations.

We recommend that this workshop is completed in conjunction with Online Personal Tradecraft”.

Target Audience

Learners should have previous training or experience in Internet Investigations or OSINT


Delivered in our dedicated IT training facility in Liverpool City Centre


£200 + VAT